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Wooden Mini Drum Carder for wool - 72 TPI ( M&V )

Wooden Mini Drum Carder for wool - 72 TPI ( M&V )

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Efficiently Prepare Wool Fibers with Our Wooden Mini Drum Carder

Mini Drum carder for processing of wool made of high quality plywood 15 - 20 mm and covered with a one-piece high-quality uniform needle coating (not made in China!)
Needle coating frequency - 72 TPI
The height of the needles - 14mm
The diameter of the needles is 0.38mm.
Makes batts -11cm х 55cm./ 4,3" х 21.5"

Drum carder dimensions:

Length: 40 cm (15.75")
Width: 20 cm (7.9")
Height: 20 cm (7.9")
The drum width is 11cm cm./ 4,3"

Well suited for preparing wool for felting, mixing wool of different colors and types, as well as for high-quality combing of wool.

The kit includes:

- a brush for smoothing wool,
- puller - knitting needle or awl,
- corners for screwing the carder to the table.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Paul Roberts

My wife is very pleased with the drum carder I bought her! He takes great care and time in what he make and this drum carder is very well-made. It took a while to get here but well worth the wait! So pleased! Thank you!

Cynthiaa Humbert

Delivery in 15 days. Perfect condition. Many thanks .

Annett Siefke

When I finally had them, I was very happy and completely thrilled. It works perfectly and the workmanship is of high quality. Just great.