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Orange Electric Felting machine with 1 - 5 needles speed control ( M&V )

Orange Electric Felting machine with 1 - 5 needles speed control ( M&V )

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This is our invention! Self-developed mechanism and design!


Max. width - 16.5cm ( 6.5 inches ),
height - 18cm ( 7 inches )

The kit includes:

- Machine for dry felting (felting);
- Power Supply;
- 5 needles 70 - 76mm (2.75 - 3 inches);
- Holder for 4 needles;
- Screwdriver, spare parts;
- Instruction.

Felting machine for dry felting of wool with 5 needles is made of durable plastic. Comfortable to hold in hand. Quiet and fast, it has a built-in speed controller. You can easily change needles, or their number. All major rubbing parts on bearings.
Together with the Machine as a gift, you get a Holder for 4 needles. The holder has an elegant look. It is very convenient for them to work.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joan T. Masters

Took quite a while, which I expected due to the war. This design was worth every minute!! No more weird angle, just hold it and go. The speed control is on the underside-much better!! Works fantastic!!!!!!!

Alessandra Toffolutti

arrived in perfect condition, clear and simple instructions. the machine is silent, vibration does not bother at all and the result is a very dense felting in a short time. advised!!!!